Elsevier Text Portal

Many of our interactive, instructor based, courses utilize an Elsevier text book for the primary reading material. This format has been very well received by participants. It provides an excellent reference source for consultation after the course has ended. Every course in this format has the option of using a traditional printed text or an eBook. The student makes that choice based on personal preference.


VetMedTeam has teamed with Elsevier to create a portal which offers both traditional and eBook texts at a discount. The discount is 25% off printed text retail prices for traditional books and 35% off text retail prices for the eBook versions.

These discounts extend beyond the texts used in the courses, providing VetMedTeam members expanded purchase options. Unfortunately, Elsevier, at this time, is unable to ship to addresses outside of the USA from this portal. For those living outside the USA please do a web search for a local distributor.

Use this link Elsevier Text Portal to visit the portal's webpage.

If you have any questions please contact us at ce@vetmedteam.com.