Assigning Students To Courses


Enrolling Single and Multiple Students

Student USERnames:

In order to assign a course to a student, either yourself or a practice team member, the actual VetMedTeam USERname of the student must be assigned for each course. Student passwords are never needed.

Please do not enter first or last names or make up a USERname on the spot. Doing so will either cause the transaction to fail or will enroll the wrong student. It is our system of member profiles, with unique USERnames, which allows us to enroll participants in courses, track their progress, provide completion certificates, and verify CE credit approval.

After you enter the USERname the first and last name of the student will appear for verification. If what appears is not correct please email us before proceeding.

Enrolling Multiple Students:

Course enrollment pages offer 2 options: "Enroll Myself" or "Enroll Someone Else." Use the Enroll Someone Else option to enroll more than one student, even if you are to be one of the students. You will then be asked to select the number of enrollments you wish to place for the course via a drop down. This will load multiples of the same course into the shopping cart.

At this point follow the directions above to assign a student's USERname to each course. Remember, the student's first and last name will display under the USERname. If it does not match perfectly email us before proceeding.

Another multi-course option is to load one instance of different courses into the shopping cart, with each team member enrolled taking a different course.

Free courses can be done the same way in the same transaction.

Each student will receive a "what happens next" email explaining they will receive their course welcome email, with access info, once the transaction has been processed internally by VetMedTeam. The receipt for the course will go to the specific email address typed into the receipt area of the payment page within the cart.

VetMedTeam as an automatic login reminder but don't hesitate to contact us at if assistance is needed at any time.