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VetMedTeam was developed to help grow the careers of the members of the veterinary healthcare team through online continuing education.

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Membership Levels and Criteria:

Please note - if you are interested in our Veterinary Assistant Externship Program please do not submit a membership form until you have first submitted the pre-enrollment paperwork and have been approved to enroll.

Full Membership offers access to all VetMedTeam features as well as to both free and fee-based courses and is open to:

  • Credentialed Veterinary Technicians (regardless of employment status) For more information click here
  • Veterinarians (regardless of employment status) For more information click here
  • Certified Veterinary Practice Managers (regardless of employment status)
  • Approved Veterinary Assistants (AVA)
  • Veterinary practice employees (receptionists, assistants, kennel personnel)
  • Veterinary practice management employees (office manager, practice manager, administrator)
  • Students currently enrolled in an AVMA accredited veterinary technology program. For more information click here
  • Students actively enrolled in a veterinary medical school
  • The academic faculty directly involved in either tech or vet level programs
  • The employees of our educational partners

Limited Membership offers access to some VetMedTeam features as well as to free courses and is open to:

  • Students in non-AVMA accredited veterinary technology programs, including programs applying for approval
  • Students currently enrolled in a NAVTA approved veterinary assistant program.
  • Students enrolled in non-NAVTA approved veterinary assistant or animal care courses
  • Animal shelter employees or volunteers

Geographical Requirements

VetMedTeam is a global community and welcomes members from around the world. Our courses are designed to accommodate students from different time zones and are open to all members regardless of location.

If you have any questions regarding the enrollment process, membership criteria, or the website in general, please do not hesitate to contact us at VetMedTeam.

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