Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Please read the following information carefully as use of the VetMedTeam website and the member features it contains, indicates agreement with, and consent to, the provisions contained within this disclosure. The VetMedTeam website is a member-restricted website, designed to provide community, networking and continuing education to the veterinary community. An overview of membership criteria and access levels may be found at Membership Criteria.

To access the member-only sections of the website login is required. A login combination, utilizing a unique username and a password, is created by the member as part of the submission of a fully completed membership application. Membership is at no charge at any time regardless of access level. The data provided in the membership application is retained by VetMedTeam within its secured database. The purpose of individual membership profiles is to provide a mechanism to track member progress through courses, to meet RACE and VHMA credit approval requirements, to retain a history of course participation, and to provide personalized, course specific, credit documenting completion certificates.

Profiles belong to the member listed in the profile, regardless of who creates the profile. Private profile information, such as the password, will only be provided to the member via the email address of record in the profile. Only the member may request to have their profile deleted.

The VetMedTeam website is covered by our SSL certificate - you will see a security lock on all pages. Member data retained within the VetMedTeam database is protected by encryption. In addition, access to various levels of member data is limited to VetMedTeam staff members who need to utilize the data to provide member services or to assist members with problem resolution. All VetMedTeam staff members have completed written and signed Confidentiality Agreements. Information within one member's profile is not shared with any other site members without the express written permission of the member.

Data contained within VetMedTeam master member profiles is used in the following manner:

  • To facilitate participation in any of VetMedTeam's online courses.
  • In group analytics such as aggregate number of site visits or page usage without direct identification of individual components. This never contains any individual or personal data.
  • Participation data such as name, credentialing, practice name, course attended, date of completion and other course relevant information is provided to the sponsors of free courses. Information of this nature is normally collected by course sponsors during financially supported educational opportunities such as conference attendance, webinars and other industry provided CE opportunities. No information is shared with free course sponsors outside of the direct participation in a specific course.
  • Information is provided, as outlined within the specific opportunity, for awards and premiums that the VetMedTeam site member opt to participate in, to the award or premium sponsor.
  • Information provided by a course participant within a course survey is used in aggregate to improve the quality of the courses, to meet RACE and VHMA requirements, and to provide feedback to course sponsors. Individual survey statements may be used by VetMedTeam but will never be identified by member unless that member gives specific written permission for the use of his or her name.

VetMedTeam member email addresses are never sold to outside companies.

The "Veterinary Team Community" is a component of VetMedTeam providing members with features that facilitate communication with other members. The community is hidden from Google for member privacy. Members have the ability to personalize their Community Profile including privacy and networking settings. VetMedTeam allows anonymous posting to protect privacy. Postings of this nature are queued until moderated and approved.

VetMedTeam Shopping Cart:

The VetMedTeam Shopping Cart is protected using industry standard Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology with a minimum of 128 bit encryption.

VetMedTeam uses the e-commerce gateway to facilitate the process of verifying transaction approval from the appropriate credit card bank. Information on Authorize may be viewed at VetMedTeam stores only the last 4 numbers of the credit card for 30 days and does not store the security code or expiration date at all. These digits are stored only to facilitate customer service by allowing us to identify a transaction in question. The last 4 digits of a card are not sufficient to submit a transaction. At the end of the 30 days the last 4 digits of the credit card are erased as well to provide maximum security for our members.

VetMedTeam has a monthly Trustwave scan performed to ensure the highest level of security.

Session Cookie:

A cookie is a piece of data stored on the user's computer tied to information about the user. We use session ID cookies. Once users close the browser the cookie simply expires. The cookie is needed to allow us to distinguish one member from the other for the purposes of site login and CE enrollment, tracking, and personalized completion certificates.

If you opt to run your computer on high security it will likely block the cookie. Adding the VetMedTeam website to your list of trusted/allowed websites will enable the cookie without lowering your security level.

Mailing Opt In and Opt Out:

Each member has the right to opt in, or out, of newsletter mailings, except for site-wide critical information announcements. The option to opt is contained within each member's profile. It is one of the settings requiring member input in the initial membership form and may be changed at any time by logging into VetMedTeam and accessing the profile. Alternately, a member can send an email to and request to be removed from future newsletters. Information on opting is provided at the bottom of every newsletter.

In addition, members who qualify for community access can set their preferences for posting digests, from daily to none. There is absolutely no obligation for a VetMedTeam member to participate in the community. At any time, a member may request to be removed from the community totally while retaining their ability to participate in courses and other educational opportunities offered to members.

Using the Website:

The information, features, and courses provided within VetMedTeam are available to all active members, dependent on access permission level. VetMedTeam is not responsible for the accuracy of information, including that within courses, provided by content experts or other members. Utilization of information and recommendations obtained through the use of the VetMedTeam website, including its courses and postings by fellow members in the community, is limited to application within the practice setting by the member. Members are expected, as veterinary professionals, to evaluate and critique information provided in any part of the VetMedTeam website. This pertains to both fee-based courses provided by VetMedTeam and partner sponsored courses that are available at no cost to VetMedTeam members, as well as postings in the community.

Members are obligated to provide full and accurate information within their profiles. Members who provide false and/or misleading information within profiles may be subject to removal.

Members are expected to interact with fellow members, instructors, and VetMedTeam staff members, in a professional and courteous manner. Foul language and/or rude communication are grounds for removal as are cheating or plagiarism. Information shared by members during participation is to be respected by fellow members and not disseminated beyond the venue in which the information was shared.

Information and tangible assets, including forms and images, shared on the VetMedTeam website by members become the property of VetMedTeam and are released to VetMedTeam for all future use. Use of information and tangible assets available on the VetMedTeam website may be used by members within the scope of copywrite, trademark and property rights, for individual use. Members may not reuse the content of VetMedTeam, particularly course related content, in any other venue, such as to create an online or onsite educational opportunity regardless of financial remuneration. This includes free sponsored courses. The cost of the course does not impact the restrictions on reuse of the course material.

Offsite Links:

The VetMedTeam website provides information on free-course sponsors and other opportunities we believe would be of interest to our members. Links to other websites are often provided. VetMedTeam has no jurisdiction or liability for information, recommendations, malware or any other component of offsite website and other links.

In turn, the sponsor of a free course does not have any liability to a VetMedTeam member for information provided outside of the specific sponsored offering.

Contact Information:

VetMedTeam may be reached via the "Contact Us" feature. Alternately, emails may be sent to for general questions; to for course related questions; to for questions related to login, membership forms and other related items.