Frequently asked questions


  • I am having trouble logging in.
    • Login is case sensitive so be sure to use capitals and lower case letters as originally entered. If you do not remember either your username or password, the auto-reminder system can help. Enter your email address and a reminder will be sent to you. If you need further assistance email

      You must have either cookies enabled or have included in your list of approved websites. Your login will fail if the cookie is blocked. The cookie allows the web server to recognize you. Without it, the web server is unable to make the connection.

  • When do I have to be online while participating in a course?
    • VetMedTeam Courses are asynchronous, they do not contain real time sessions. Students access at times convenient to personal schedules. You would log in as often as desired to meet the course completion requirements during the time the course is in session.

  • I don't live in the USA. Can I still take a course? Do I have to be online in the course at odd hours?
    • Because VetMedTeam courses do not contain real time sessions students living outside the USA time zones can easily participate. It is not unusual for a given course session to contain students from countries around the globe. You would log into your course at times best for you as will the other students and the instructor.

  • How do I learn about the courses - including the cost?
    • In the course catalog, next to the name of every course, is a "View Details" link. The details page contains specific information about that course and will answer many common course questions.

      It also contains information about the course fee (if any) and a link to enrollment. The enrollment link is visible only to logged in members.

  • How do I enroll in a course?
    • In order to participate in VetMedTeam courses the first step is to submit a VetMedTeam membership profile. There is no cost to do so. Please use the "Join Now" link on the right hand side of this page to access the membership criteria page and the membership form.

      After submitting the membership form please access the course catalog via the "Course Catalog" link in the navigation menu across the top of the page.

      Next to the name of every course is a link to its course details page. The course details page contains information about the course and an enrollment option.

      Members must be logged in to submit an enrollment.

      MasterCard and Visa is accepted for the fee-based courses. Checks are accepted in US Dollars. Print the form and include with your check.
  • Do I receive a certificate if I complete a course?
    • Yes, every student who completes a course is awarded a completion documenting certificate. The certificate will include appropriate documentation regarding RACE and/or VHMA credits awarded.
  • I have a profile but I would like members of my team to take courses - can they use my profile?
    • Each person must have an individual membership profile with a unique username and email address. This allows members to be identified so that they can enroll in courses. It allows to provide personalized completion certificates and allows us to abide by the student tracking obligations mandated by credit approval bodies such as RACE.

      Direct your team members to and have each submit a membership form.