Payment Submission and Help Options


Most VetMedTeam courses are open enrollment, meaning that the student may enroll in the course at any time. This includes free courses and most fee-based courses. Fee based courses usually require manual enrollment which completed within 48 hours of submitting the transaction.

The handful of session-based courses are open for enrollment up to the enrollment deadline date indicated on the course's details page in the catalog. Students in session-based courses will receive their course welcome email the night before the course opens.

Payment Options:

Credit card:

VetMedTeam accepts MasterCard and Visa. Our shopping cart uses a global, secure, e-commerce gateway,, for the electronic approval process.

The shopping cart is in US dollars and the current exchange rate between currencies will be handled by Authorize and your credit card company automatically.

Check by Mail:

VetMedTeam accepts checks cut on US banks in US dollars only. Please be aware that the actual enrollment process does not begin until the check is received.

To submit payment by check, please use the shopping cart and select the appropriate payment method. Print the form that is created at the end of the process and include it with the check. Pay-to name and address will be provided in the shopping cart.

Payment Problems:

The first step in resolving payment problems is communication. Please email if you need assistance or have a problem.

When a credit card company has declined the transaction we are not provided any additional information. The reason is to protect your privacy. In this case the first step would be to contact the card company to determine the reason for decline. It is often an anti-fraud setting that awaits the card holder’s phone call to release. Once that is done, the payment can be resubmitted.

If at any time you are unsure if a payment transaction went through, please do not submit another transaction. Instead please contact us so we can verify the status for you. This is especially important for those who are using debit cards.

Please do not hesitate at any time to contact us at