AVA Examination Portal Overview

This is the registration page for the Approved Veterinary Assistant Examination.

All examination requirements, protocols, security, and questions are at the sole direction of NAVTA's AVA Committee. VetMedTeam provides the platform for the exam following NAVTA guidelines.

The examination consists of 100 multiple choice questions. The passing grade is 75%. A total of 5 attempts are allowed. Each attempt costs $100.00 USD.

The examination may be taken on any computer, such as within a practice, at a testing center, or at a library but only if the examination proctor is present.

Upon successful completion the participant will have immediate access to the documenting certificate. Information identifying the participant, along with examination results, will be forwarded to NAVTA.


NAVTA Approved Veterinary Assistant Programs

Only graduates from a veterinary assistant program that has been approved by NAVTA are eligible to take the Approved Veterinary Assistant examination. To view the list of approved programs please use this link NAVTA Approved VA Programs

The first attempt at the AVA examination must be completed within 1 year of graduation.


Examination Testing Resources

This is not an open book test. No outside materials, including calculators, are permitted. Any special testing requests must be approved by NAVTA through VetMedTeam.

To date NAVTA has not approved any test preparation websites. They are usually designed for veterinary technicians studying for the VTNE and they address skills and responsibilities beyond that of a veterinary assistant. Elsevier has published a test prep book by Sirois.


Examination Timing and Post-Enrollment Access Period

Participants have 30 days, from date of enrollment, to access the examination portal.

This is a timed examination. Participants will have 150 minutes to complete the examination once the exam window has been opened.


The Examination Proctor

An examination proctor is required for all candidates testing. NAVTA does not provide the proctor. It is the responsibility of each candidate to locate a proctor.

Any proctoring fees are the responsibility of the test taker. There is a document link below for you to share with proctors to explain the process.

NAVTA has approved the following proctors:

  • Any credentialed veterinary technician (CVT, RVT, LVT) licensed by their state
  • Any veterinarian (DVM, VMD) licensed by their state
  • Any college or university internal testing center
  • Any commercial licensed onsite testing center (online proctors not permitted).

To clarify: libraries are not approved for proctoring.

This document AVA Exam Proctoring is designed to provide individual proctors and testing centers with proctoring guidelines. If you are an AVA candidate, please provide your proctor with a copy of this document. If the testing center will not accept the document from you, please give them the address of this page to pull a copy themselves.


Security Features

The examination contains numerous security features. Once having opened the examination window, a timer will count down. Any attempt to open additional browsers or to minimize or close the exam window will result in an immediate incomplete. It is very strongly recommended that the domain be whitelisted in whatever security settings the test-taker's computer system is using.


Required Enrollment Code and Examination Access

Ordering an Exam:

Attention VA Programs: Only one candidate may be enrolled into the examination per transaction.

A code must be entered into the shopping cart at the time of payment. The veterinary assistant program from which the participant graduated will provide the code. If you need code assistance please contact your specific program - do not contact NAVTA directly.

Upon payment the participant has immediate access to the exam portal. Please make sure your examination mentor is available and that you are prepared to take the exam before accessing.

Important: The AVA exam must be submitted within 30 days of initial enrollment. DO NOT enroll until you are ready to complete within the 30 days.

An email is sent out upon payment for the examination. Please wait for that email and read it carefully.


AVA Renewal Protocols

The AVA designation is valid for 2 years after the date of the examination. AVAs must renew in order to maintain their designation.

Information on the renewal requirements and process may be viewed via AVA Renewal Guidelines. This is a pdf document and may be downloaded. However, please follow the most recent directions and information you receive as the process may change.

Please contact VetMedTeam if you have any questions via as we are facilitating the renewal process on behalf of NAVTA.



Price: $100.00 USD

Attention VA Programs: Only one candidate may be enrolled into the examination per transaction.

Free or fee-based courses may not be ordered at the same time.

Once payment has been submitted, the link to the examination portal will be open. It is very important that you wait for the welcome email as it contains important information prior to access the timed exam area.

Important: Participants have 30 days, from date of enrollment, to take the examination. Do not enroll until you can complete within that window of time.