No Geographical Limitations

The program is available regardless of geographical location as long as the program requirements can be met. Program requirements are explained in more detail below.


Minimum Age? High School Diploma?

The minimum age to enroll is 16 years old. Please keep in mind that many practices will not host a student under the age of 18. A high school diploma is not required.


Program Content and Schedule

The VetMedTeam Veterinary Assistant Program explores every area of the companion animal veterinary practice, from the reception area to the surgical suite. Each section within the program addresses a different area, which will provide the veterinary assistant student with the training needed to perform their job effectively. The practical skills portion of the program is achieved via the clinical mentor relationship.

For an overview of the content of the program use this link Program Content Overview.

Our students also work on fee-based VetMedTeam courses at no additional charge, which deepens the learning experience.

This is an open enrollment program. Students may enroll 24/7/365. There is no need to wait for another class to start.


How Long Is The Program?

The program is designed to be very flexible and fit the schedule of every student.

How fast a student proceeds through the 12 online courses depends on the amount of time the participant has to devote to the program. Students are allowed up to 30 days to meet the requirements to complete each individual course. Students are welcome to complete a course sooner than 30 days. The 30 day limit is quite generous and completing sooner very doable. Therefore, a student has 12 months to complete the 12 online courses.

The final component, the clinical on-site portion, requires 100 hours of hands-on training at a full service veterinary practice. The program does not address large animal or equine. During those 100 hours, the online assignments within the Clinical Experience course must be submitted as well. These assignments focus on the practical knowledge you are gaining and therefore need to be done in tandem with your onsite work. Students have 20 weeks to complete both the skills checklist and the online clinical assignments.

If at any point in the program a student realizes they will have a problem completing a section on time, VetMedTeam works with the student's situation.


The Clinical Experience Component

Many students have stated that the clinical experience portion of the program was what they enjoyed the most, learning to apply what they covered in the online courses to "real life." Under the guidance of their practice mentor(s), the student is given the opportunity to work on hands-on skills that were outlined in the online portions.

The clinical mentor will be either a credentialed veterinary technician (LVT, CVT, or RVT) or a licensed veterinarian. The clinical mentor works with the student, guided by the skills checklist developed by VetMedTeam, providing skills training and verification. This requirement takes learning to the next level

The on-site location must be a full service veterinary practice providing medical care to privately owned cats and dogs.  Shelters or spay/neuter clinics, for example, do not qualify. As the NAVTA program does not address equine or large animal, an equine practice does not qualify.

The clinical cannot be started until all online work is completed and approved by VetMedTeam.

Employed Students: Your skills list must be completed during time that is set aside to work individually with your mentor.


Locating A Practice for the Clinical Experience

Students Not Employed at a Practice:

Using a VCA Practice:

VetMedTeam has partnered with VCA Animal Hospitals to help participants, who are 18 years of age or older, secure a practice. There are numerous VCA practices across the USA. Specific information on how to reach out to VCA is provided within the program.

Using a SVP Practice:

Southern Veterinary Partners also offers VetMedTeam students a resource to secure a hosting practice. There are numerous SVP practices across the USA. Specific information on how contact SVP is provided within the program.

Utilizing a VCA or a SVP practice for the clinical experience is simply an option; not a requirement. It is not a guarantee that there will be a VCA or SVP practice available in a given location but both will work with the student to find the best options.

General Practices

VetMedTeam does not have a list of pre-vetted private practices. However, we provide numerous resources to help obtain a clinical experience location and we are always available to help practices understand the components of serving as one. There is a section of the program that provides detailed help and documentation. Students will have access to this area when they are 2/3 through the online courses. That normally provides ample time to find a practice.

Non-employed students may be required to submit proof of health insurance to the practice. This requirement is up to each individual practice. VetMedTeam does not provide participants with health insurance nor can we make recommendations as to where to obtain it. Students are not employees of the practice during their clinical and are not eligible for employee benefits.

Students Employed at a Practice:

If the student is already employed at a full service companion or mixed animal veterinary practice, the expectation is that the student will be performing their clinical experience at their practice. Employed students cannot start their clinical until they have completed all online work and have received written authorization from VetMedTeam.


Technology Requirements

Participants must have access to a printer and a scanner in order to complete mandatory requirements. The scanner must be capable of saving documents to pdf format as jpg image files cannot be used. Access to MS Word or a similar program is required.

Having access to a reliable, fairly up-to-date, computer is needed as well.


Required Textbook: Student Purchase Responsibility

Elsevier's Veterinary Assisting Textbook, 3rd edition by: Margi Sirois, EdD, MS, RVT, LAT

Important Text Information:

It is mandatory that each participant has access to this textbook as the content of the book is not reproduced within the course. It is up to each person to determine the best way to acquire the text. The text is available as a print publication and as an eBook. Where to purchase, and in what format, is totally up to the participant.

The text is not included in the fee for this course. The matching workbook is not used in this program.

Important: Regardless of which option the participant chooses, access to a copy of the textbook is mandatory. Without the text the student will not be able to complete the assignments and examinations.

VetMedTeam has no control over shipping delays and other related problems.


Contact Information For Questions About the Program

If there are questions after reviewing the information on the VetMedTeam Veterinary Assistant Program, send an email to Please include your questions so we may respond as effectively as possible.


Payment Options

There are three separate payment options available. Fee options do not include the purchase of the required textbook.

Payment Options:

Full fee paid up front: $875.00

Paid in 3 installments total fee $930.00:

Payment #1: $390.00
Payment #2: $270.00
Payment #3: $270.00

Paid in extended payments (12) total fee $994.00:

Payment #1: $174.00
Payment #2 thru 11: $82.00 each

Please use this link to view the Withdrawal Policy for the program.


How to Start the Enrollment Process

This link How To Submit My Enrollment outlines the steps to enroll . There are documents to be completed and attached to the prospective student's "Intent to Enroll" email that are provided in the instructions.

An Intent to Enroll is valid for 30 days from submission. After 30 days the paperwork will need to be updated and resubmitted.

Do not submit a VetMedTeam membership form until directed to do so.