VetMedTeam Veterinary Assistant Program
Program Content Overview

There are 12 online content courses covering the areas of standard veterinary practice, as listed below:

  1. Overview of the Veterinary Profession
  2. Office Procedures
  3. Medical Terminology
  4. Anatomy and Physiology
  5. Pharmacology
  6. Animal Behavior and Restraint
  7. Animal Husbandry and Nutrition
  8. Animal Care and Nursing
  9. Anesthesia and Surgical Assisting
  10. Laboratory Procedures
  11. Radiology
  12. Avian and Exotics

In addition, students will complete the hands-on portion of the program at a local practice, guided by the clinicial mentor. The mentor is either a credentialed veterinary technician (LVT, CVT, RVT) or a licensed veterinarian.

Examples of tasks on skill checklist: