Course Overview

Clear and concise communication between members of the veterinary practice team is crucial to the delivery of quality medicine. Veterinary terminology is the language spoken by veterinary professionals and it is incorporated in the education of veterinarians and veterinary technicians. However, veterinary terminology needs to be understood by all team members. While fluency levels will vary depending on the team member's position at the practice, every team member needs to understand the basics so that information can be passed from front to back concisely and accurately.

Within the exam rooms and treatment areas, veterinary terminology is the "native language." Through the use of veterinary terminology, doctors, credentialed technicians, and assistants can speak to each other without leaving room for individual interpretations leading to misunderstandings. Medical records are legal documents that can be called into a court of law; it is imperative that medical records are compiled using veterinary terminology. Part of the growth of your personal career is to become fluent in veterinary terminology; able to read, write, and pronounce the words that make up this language.

This course is designed to provide a strong foundation by providing the language basics that allow the student to comprehend the construction of terms. In addition, veterinary terminology is provided within the context of a general anatomical overview, thereby allowing the student to put the terms into direct context. This is a 6-week course and contains practical completion assignments that allow the student to begin to apply new skills and knowledge immediately. Participants are not required to work in practice to complete this course. 

PLEASE NOTE: This course contains flash based Articulate presentations. iPhones and iPads are not natively flash compatible but if a flash compatible browser has been installed on the iPad the presentations will play correctly. This link Flash on iPads provides information on flash compatible browsers. The presentations may also be viewed on a Mac


Continuing Education Credits

Course meets the requirements for 12 RACE hours of continuing education credit for veterinary technicians in jurisdictions which recognize AAVSB's RACE approval. However, participants should be aware that some boards have limitations on the number of hours accepted in certain categories and/or restrictions on certain methods of delivery.

This course is an interactive online course that meets RACE requirements; program number 57-30847.


Course Content

Core Veterinary Skills: The Language of Veterinary Medicine is a 6-week course that will help the student to develop the skills to understand and interpret veterinary terminology used daily at the practice. The course material will begin with the dissection of medical terms, continuing on to anatomical positioning, medical abbreviations, and will then take the student through the vocabulary of the various body systems.

Word lists, images, and entertaining mini-quizzes will aid the student in assimilating the newly acquired knowledge. All assignments will require practical application of the course material; the student will be required to use their practice as a resource for completion. As an aid in pronunciation, a multi-system Audio Glossary is included.


Course Focus and Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Divide medical words into their basic combining forms, prefixes, suffixes, and roots
  • Utilize the acquired knowledge to define and build medical terms
  • Interpret medical terms and translate into lay terminology
  • Demonstrate the importance of correct spelling and proper vocabulary usage in patient records
  • Identify the basic veterinary anatomy of the various body systems


Participation Access Parameters

The design of this course allows participants to enroll at any time. 

After enrolling, please allow up to 48 hours for course activation. Each participant will have a personal start and end date that begins upon activation.


Course Completion Requirements

Completed students are awarded a certificate of completion. Completion requirements include:

  • Instructor Graded Interactive Module Assignments: Designed to help the participant reinforce newly learned material

  • Examinations: All examinations must be submitted with a score of 80% or better

  • Course survey


Participant Feedback

...I thought this was an excellent class. It was much more that I expected. Not only did it refresh and add to my vocabulary but the assignments were challenging putting everything to work.

...The Integumentary System was very helpful as we see alot of skin related issues in our clinic., I learned alot from each section and liked the way everything was put together.

...The assignments were most helpful, as I was able to apply the class information to things I actually encountered at work. In particular, it was helpful to look at cases pertinent to certain diagnoses or body systems, and break the case down in order to gain a more complete understanding.

...I liked how the material was presented and the instructor feedback was very helpful. In the presentations, I could pause, go back, go ahead, look at everything at my own pace.

...This was a great course for people like me who grandfathered in and did not get the benefit of learning all of the medical terminology. I felt that this course was a great tool to help me brush up on my skills.

...Pat was e-accessible and prompt in grading assignments. Slides were well designed, bright and attention getting. Medical art was well done.

...I really like being able to print out all the word lists and definition handouts. That was super helpful.

...the review of medical terminology and definition and usage of the word parts. Also reviewing all in an Organ System format while reviewing Anatomy and Physiology was very beneficial.

...I enjoyed the aspects of some modules that involved choosing a word from the vocabulary list and using it as it related to a specific case.


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