Multi Course Discount


VetMedTeam offers members and practices a multi course discount of 10%. This discount is available for most fee-based courses but not all. A list of the excluded courses is below.

How It Works:

When three (3) or more eligible courses are loaded into the shopping cart within the same transaction the 10% discount will be automatically be applied.

Mix and Match:

The transaction may consist of any of the eligible courses (see list below). In addition, the student assigned to the courses does not need to be the same person. This allows one person to enroll themselves in a number of different courses and still receive the discount. It also allows practices to enroll team members in either the same or varying courses, whatever fits the needs of the practice.

Enrollment Staggering:

Students enrolling in multiple courses do not need to take all courses at the same time, with certain restrictions. Courses that are session based will start on the designated date indicated in the catalog. On-demand format courses allow the student to either stagger when they will start or begin all at the same time. There is a section on the payment page for relaying payment or enrollment related information to VetMedTeam. This field can be used to indicate preferences. If no direction is provided, and there are enrollment options, we will contact the student for clarification.

Student USERnames:

In order to assign a course to a practice team member, the actual VetMedTeam USERname of the student must be assigned for each course.

Please do not enter first or last names or make up a USERname on the spot. Doing so will either cause the transaction to fail or will enroll the wrong students. It is our system of member profiles with unique USERnames that allows us to enroll participants in courses, track their progress, provide completion certificates and verify CE credit approval.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at if assistance is needed at any time.

Excluded Courses or Examinations:

Retakes of Fee-Based Courses (a retake discount is already factored into the retake fee)
AVA Designation Examination
The NAVTA Journal Exam Portal
Navigating the Roadmap to Veterinary Practice Management
Veterinary Nursing: The Language of Veterinary Medicine (contact us for group discounts)
OSHA Program (contact us for multiple locations practice discount)
VA Programs (contact us directly to discuss discounts for multiple students in same practice)