Practice Exam For The AVA

This course is designed to offer a test prep option for those who are studying for the AVA examination. To view the protocols and requirements for the actual exam visit the AVA Examination Page.

This course does not qualify towards AVA renewal requirements as it is not considered continuing education.

The questions in this study course are not taken from the actual AVA examination. Instead every question has been written by VetMedTeam and used in our VA Programs.



The AVA Test Prep Course contains 8 separate exams for a total of 155 questions. Each exam covers a different area of veterinary assistant training. The exams do not need to be taken in order.

Critical Information: Each individual exam allows for only 1 single attempt. Read below for more details.

How This Course Works:

Participants have 60 days to complete all 8 exams. The 60 day deadline begins the day of enrollment, not the first day the study course is accessed. Participants do not need to do all exams at one time.

All 8 exams must be taken by the end of the 60 days. After day 60, even if 1 or more exams have not been attempted, the course will automatically close. Re-enrollment would be required for an additional attempt.

Each individual exam allows for 1 attempt with a passing grade of 75%. Once an exam is started it must be completed. The exams themselves are not timed.

Do not open any exam until you are prepared to complete all the questions in one sitting.

Once all exams are submitted, even if it is less than 60 days, the course will be closed.



Price: $25.00 USD