At CUBEX®, we’re passionate about the veterinary industry and strive to help practices address common issues and concerns when it comes to narcotics safety and inventory management. With the ongoing and increasingly alarming issue of substance abuse and suicide rates in the veterinary industry, we continue to focus on providing solutions that help make controlled substances less accessible to everyone and more secure, without impacting efficiency of the overall practice. Fingerprint ID and automatic logging keeps detailed reports of who dispensed medication and in what quantity, allowing you to have more awareness of controlled substance activity.

We help thousands of veterinarians and technicians deliver better, more accurate patient care. It’s easy to make a mistake in a busy practice environment, but our solutions help ensure the right dose is administered every time. In todays’ competitive environment, it’s critical that practices operate as efficiently, as profitably, and most importantly, as safely as possible.

A portion of the proceeds from each CUBEX sale is donated to Not One More Vet as they continue their work to save one life at a time. We’re proud to have a partnership with Not One More Vet, an organization dedicated to stemming the tide of veterinary suicide. To find out more about NOMV, please visit their website at: