Evolving Our Dedication to Animals

Innovacyn, Inc., the manufacturer of Vetericyn® Animal Wellness products, has a long heritage positively impacting the lives of people and animals around the world with innovative wound and skin care technologies. For veterinary wound care in clinical settings, Innovacyn has created Vetericyn Plus® VF (Veterinary Formula), a professional-strength solution poised to change the landscape of wound and skin management.

A Wound Care Management System for Veterinary Practices

The Vetericyn Plus® VF family of products is poised to transform every aspect of clinical care settings. From surgeries, to non-healing wounds, and day-to-day skin ailments, Vetericyn Plus® is available in both practice and dispensing sizes that provide a streamlined and synergistic approach to wound care that will elevate your expectations for healing.

From animals to humans, Innovacyn is dedicated to improving livelihood across the world. Family-owned and operated, everything we do is inspired by this vision. From hand-building our facilities and growing a dedicated team, to delivering the highest-quality products, every step of our process is made with the power of change in mind.

Starting with improving the standard of care for humans and animals, we believe that small change, applied at the right time, can positively impact healthcare across the world. Costs of healthcare are rising globally and Innovacyn is dedicated to providing safe products and effective processes that help reduce costs for patients and facilities, thus reducing the burden of care for humans and animals.

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