MerialEDU Award Program



Your efforts to increase your skills and knowledge demonstrate a commitment to your patients, your career, and your practice team. MerialEDU is proud to be selected by you to foster your professional development. In honor of your MerialEDU course completions, Merial has created an award program.


VetMedTeam members that have completed at least 5 MerialEDU courses from January 1, 2009 and on, will be sent a scrub shirt. Members that have completed 8 or more MerialEDU courses from January 1, 2009 and on, will also receive a sweatshirt. Once you have reached the threshold, a participation feature will display on your "My Courses" page.


MerialEDU is continuing to grow so please visit often. If you have not yet completed the 10 current courses, please feel free to enroll in the upcoming sessions. In addition, monitor the website for information on the newest free courses that will be added in the future.


Thank you for your participation in MerialEDU!


Please note: The Merial Award Program is only available to members living/working in the United States of America.