Funded by Elanco, and free of charge to the veterinary community, the Elanco PET Program is designed to motivate, educate and reward the veterinary healthcare team.

Through unbiased, fact-based content, training in practical skills and applications and awareness of new products and techniques, the program helps participants:

  • Recognize conditions and problems affecting patients
  • Discuss and help implement current treatment options
  • Provide a higher level of client education
  • Achieve greater job satisfaction via an increase in skills and ability to contribute to the care of patients


Elanco realizes that each participant who completes a course has taken the time to increase their knowledge. Elanco's PET Program Rewards provide recognition for that effort. Unique incentives are sent to participants upon the completion of each course.

Earning a reward is easy and beneficial. Simply enroll in one or more free courses in the PET Program. Submit the course examinations and survey. Complete the shipping data form. Before you know it your rewards will be at your door.

Note: Images on this page are representations of the types of rewards provided and may not be exactly what is shipped. Please allow about 8 weeks after the day you complete the course to receive your rewards. Rewards are shipped once a month. Rewards can be shipped only within the USA. However, the free courses are available to the veterinary community world wide. Please contact VetMedTeam at if you have any questions regarding the rewards.
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