Course Overview

Today's business environment is a rough place for veterinary practices. Pet owners not only have many choices as to where to spend their animal care dollars, but those dollars are not as plentiful as they were years ago. So how does a practice ensure that it attracts owners who are seeking veterinary care? How is the pet owner expected to know what services the practice offers and what services his or her pet needs? Why should the owner select your practice and not the practice 8 blocks away? Marketing the practice to new and existing clients is a critical component of practice success.

Many practice owners envision a slick, fast-talking, not very honest, used car salesman whenever the term "marketing" is used. This concept is far from the truth and practice owners who view true marketing in this light are doing a disservice to themselves and their practice team.

In reality, your practice cannot be in business without marketing, either with intentional effort or not. It occurs every day, in many ways. The real question is not "do you want to market," but rather "do you want to learn what you need to do so that you take control of the messages you are sending to current and potential clients?"

Marketing: Making an Impression is 3-week course designed to give you the tools you need for insight into your marketing efforts, and to make necessary changes to help you differentiate your clinic from others. It will help you to make an impression on existing and new clientele, so that they will have an exceptional experience at your practice.


Continuing Education Credits

This course is applicable for 10 CE credits toward the continuing education requirement for the Certified Veterinary Practice Manager program offered by the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA).


Participation Access Parameters

This course runs continuously. Participants may enroll at any time. There are no real time sessions.

The design of this course allows each student to proceed based on individual schedule, as long as all assignments are submitted by the assignment submission deadline. Participants may enroll in this course at any time.

Each student's personal 3-week session will begin upon enrollment.


Course Content

This entry level 3 week course discusses the basic elements and components of marketing, examples of marketing in practice and provides a multitude of practice tips and marketing situations. This course will provide the student with basic elements of marketing theory and terminology. In addition the student will gain practical knowledge to increase the client base through improved marketing strategies.


Course Focus and Learning Objectives

Marketing: Making an Impression is an entry level course designed for practice team members who have limited marketing background or experience. This course is appropriate for new managers and those seeking to enter practice management. Practice owners and associate veterinarians could also benefit from this course to gain understanding of how marketing directly affects client numbers.

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Define marketing theory and discuss what drives clients
  • Apply the four P's of marketing
  • Identify the different types of marketing and how they can be implemented to increase client visits
  • Construct a marketing plan and perform a S.W.O.T. analysis for your practice
  • Identify areas of marketing that need improvement
  • Implement marketing techniques to bring in new clients
  • Recognize marketing techniques to develop a long term relationship with current clients
  • Relate improved client service and standards of care to increased revenue


Course Completion Requirements

Completed students are awarded a certificate of completion. Completion requirements include:

  • Instructor Graded Interactive Module Assignments: Designed to help the participant reinforce newly learned material

  • Instructor Graded Interactive Case Study Assignments: Designed to help the participant apply the newly learned skills and knowledge though patient and practice based scenarios

  • Examinations: All examinations must be submitted with a score of 80% or better

  • Course survey


Participant Feedback

...Excellent course overall! Lots of specific information... very detailed!

...questions asked us to use our own practice data and made us think about how to change our own practice policies.

...I loved how all of the questions were open ended and not just multiple choice. The whole CE was very beneficial to me.

...I thought the assignments were fun and informative. The case study was pretty vague so I felt it was hard to answer but the rest of the assignments were beneficial.

...I liked the aspects of the external marketing program of how to get your practice out there more with website and brochures etc. I also enjoyed stepping up the game as well with internal information as its always a refresher and gave some more ideas as well.

...I took away so many excellent ideas from this course that I have already begun implementing at my own hospital. Our practice was recently bought by VetCor and so they have an incredible support team to help me move forward. These ideas include developing a brochure for the hospital and purchasing business cards for the entire support staff. There are other things that have already been in the works but after taking this course I understand more clearly why these things are important such as the different types of marketing that can take place and are necessary for the life blood of the clinic.

...Very specific and well laid out information about marketing that can be personalised to my own situation.

...Learning about the SWOT analysis was really helpful.

...This was a great intro course with broad concepts. I liked that the homework required a lot of thoughts and writing out marketing plans that will help me.


Course Instructor

Laura Conn, CVT, CVPMLaura Conn, CVT, CVPM

Laura grew up in Cheyenne, WY and started her career in veterinary medicine in 1988. She began her journey as a volunteer in a small animal and wildlife practice. Over the next 25 years, she held every position in a veterinary clinic, including receptionist, technician, and practice manager.

Laura attended Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology and received her degree as a Certified Veterinary Technician. In 2012, after completing a practice management program through St. Petersburg University, she earned the designation as a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager. Laura is currently working as a technician/practice manager for a mobile veterinary clinic.

In 2012, Laura started the Veterinary Technician Association of Cheyenne to encourage local technicians to share their knowledge and obtain further continuing education hours. Laura is a member of the Colorado Association of Certified Technicians, Veterinary Hospital Managers Association, and the Veterinary Technician Association of Cheyenne. She is married and has three daughters. Laura and her family are entertained by the daily antics of their labs Charlie and Le Doux.



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