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~New Compliance Deadline: December 31, 2010 - Please read the following information to clarify

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has mandated compliance to the Red Flags Rule. This regulation outlines security of credit and personal information to help prevent identity theft. Medical practitioners are among the businesses and professions which fall under the rule due to access to consumer credit and identity information. The FTC confirmed on March 19, 2009 that veterinarians are required to comply with the Red Flags Rule. Until October 30, 2009, the deadline for compliance was November 1, 2009. More information on the revised deadline is below.

This course is part of a two-course set designed to help veterinary practices not only understand the Red Flags Rule but to provide practical compliance aids and team training. The Red Flags Rule: Practice Compliance provides information regarding the regulation, answers many commonly asked questions, outlines the steps to compliance, and provides downloadable templates that can be personalized for your practice. In addition, this course outlines the steps to be taken in the event of an FTC inspection or investigation, including clarifying owner's rights. This course is designed for the practice owner, manager, or assigned privacy officer.

The second course in this set, the Red Flags Rule: Team Training course, is included at no additional fee. It provides training for each member of the practice team, as required under the Red Flags Rule. It will provide each team member with a certificate of completion.

Together, this two course set will provide a practice with the tools needed to address compliance and train team members.

Please note: This compliance set is designed for individual practices. If you have a corporate set up with a two or more locations, with practice teams at each location, please contact us at

~Updated information on compliance deadline for veterinary practices~

We have seen several extensions of compliance deadlines for the Red Flags Rule. The latest announcement came in on May 28, 2010 advising that the FTC once again is extending the deadline, this time to December 31, 2010 (don't stop reading here!!!) Information regarding the extention is below. While it appears possible that the average veterinary practice may not, in the long run, fall under the compliance requirements, please consider the fallout from identity theft and how it can affect a person's life adversely for years. Although practices may not end up legally required to provide identity theft prevention training, many would argue that protecting the financial identity of clients and employees is still the "right thing to do" and should be part of practice protocols and training policies.

Info on the May 28, 2010 extention decision - from the FTC:

The Federal Trade Commission on May 28 announced it would delay enforcement of the Red Flags Rule from June 1 to Dec. 31, 2010.

The commission cited congressional consideration of legislation that would affect the scope of entities covered by the rule to require businesses to take specific steps to minimize identity theft. For instance, S. 3416, introduced on May 25 in the Senate, would exempt health care practices with 20 or fewer employees, as well as accounting and legal practices of similar size.

Covered health care professionals under the bill include physicians, dentists, podiatrists, chiropractors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, marriage or family therapists, optometrists, speech therapists, language therapists, hearing therapists and veterinarians.

The commission in its announcement urged Congress to quickly act "to pass legislation that will resolve any questions as to which entities are covered by the rule and obviate the need for further enforcement delays. If Congress passes legislation limiting the scope of the Red Flags Rule with an effective date earlier than December 31, 2010, the Commission will begin enforcement as of that effective date."

The American Medical Association, which on May 21 filed a lawsuit to prevent the FTC from applying the rule to physicians, applauded the delay. "We call on the FTC to exempt physicians from the rule completely."

The extension is a promising sign that the AMA lawsuit caught the attention of the FTC, the association says. "Last November, a federal court blocked the rule from being applied to attorneys after the FTC was found to be extending its regulatory power beyond that authorized by Congress. We hope this latest extension will be long enough for the FTC to take a good, hard look at the rule and finally exclude physicians from this unjustified and burdensome regulation of medicine."


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Discuss the components of the Red Flags Rule
  • Evaluate the practice risks and address practice specific concerns
  • Implement the steps to compliance and create the practice compliance packet
  • Establish the practice's employee training component
  • Discuss the proper protocol for compliance inspections or investigations
  • Ensure ongoing practice compliance

The average student will take about 2 hours to review the content, complete the examination, download the compliance aids and create the initial compliance package. The finalization of the risk checklist and practice policy, as well as enacting employee training, are not included in this estimate.


Course Content

The course content is presented in one interactive module. Also included are a number of forms and compliance aids. The participant will be able to review the team training module from within this course prior to enrolling staff members.

In addition, the course allows participants access to the discussion board supervised by Dr. Kendrick. The doctor will be able to help students with questions regarding the course content, the compliance aids, or the Red Flags Rule in general.


Required Materials

This course does not require the purchase of materials. All course content is contained online within the course.



... I had no idea how to become Red Flag compliant.Having a plan and how to implement was MOST helpful.

... The on-demand aspect appealed to me the most. Also of significant importance were the templates/attachments provided.

... Having all the checklists, protocols, and form letters to download is very helpful. The free staff training is exceptionally nice, too.

... The information in regard to the inspections and investigations! Also appreciated the sample policy provided along with the vendor letter sample.

... The layout of the course was easy to follow


Student Login Requirements

VetMedTeam courses are asynchronous - they do not contain real time components. Students log in at times convenient to personal schedules.

This course is designed to fit into the schedule of the participant, therefore enrollment for this course is always open. Members do not need to wait until a set date to enroll.

Once the student has met the completion requirements, the student will be upgraded to complete status and will have immediate access to the certificate. At that time, information on how to enroll the practice team in their training course will be provided.


Course Completion Requirements

Upon fulfillment of all requirements, the student will receive a certificate of completion. Students must:
  • attain a grade of 80% or higher on the examination
  • complete the course exit survey

Once the student has met the completion requirements, the student will be upgraded to complete status and will have immediate access to the certificate. At that time information on how to enroll the practice team in their training course will be provided.


Recommended Student Criteria

This course is appropriate for the veterinary practice team member who will be assuming the responsibilities of the Red Flags Rule Privacy Officer. It is also appropriate for practice owners and practice managers. This course should be taken by the team member who will be responsible for ensuring compliance.

This course is not designed to train individual team members. This training is addressed in the Red Flags Rule: Team Training course.


Continuing Education Credits

This course is applicable for 2 CE credits toward the continuing education requirement for the Certified Veterinary Practice Manager program offered by the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA).


Course Writer

Chery F. Kendrick, DVM, MPVM (zoonotics), ASCP,MLT (Founder/Owner/CEO Kendrick Technical Services, LLC)


Course Instructor

Chery Kendrick, DVM, MPVM, MLT, ASCP, CFSChery Kendrick, DVM, MPVM, MLT, ASCP, CFS

Dr. Chery F. Kendrick is the president and owner of Kendrick Technical Services, LLC, providing regulatory consulting and materials development for the veterinary practice. She earned her DVM at the University of California-Davis and also graduated from the California State University-Sacramento.

Her experience in the veterinary laboratory - clinical setting and research environment - and her knowledge as an epidemiologist in specialty zoonotic diseases, and her years of experience as a medical technologist, combined with her years in a mixed animal practice, come through in her understanding of the various realms of veterinary services. She is dedicated to simplifying life for the busy practitioner, and that is reflected throughout her manuals as well as through her various training programs, newsletters and articles.

Dr. Kendrick speaks and teaches at conferences, seminars and veterinary association meetings. Her specialty in zoonotic diseases has made her a sought-after speaker and consultant. Her nationwide on-site regulatory consulting services include the development and setup of OSHA Safety programs and DEA, EPA, FDA and FTC program compliance in the clinic, as well as employee training and update services. Dr. Kendrick writes the only monthly regulatory newsletter specifically for the veterinary practice written by a veterinarian: OSHA Tidings.

Dr. Kendrick joined VetMedTeam as a course writer and instructor in 2007 in order to provide online training for the veterinary community.

She is the past president and co-founder/owner of Medical/Legal Information Services (MLIS) in California and trained judges and lawyers on regulatory issues, clinical laboratory medicine, DNA as evidence, epidemiology and veterinary medicine. She is an active member of American Association of Clinical Laboratory Research Professionals and a CHE partner (Collaborative on Health and the Environment).

Dr. Kendrick remains actively involved in regulatory issues at the federal and state levels, maintaining an active presence as a voice and advocate for the profession. Dr. Kendrick has testified on Capitol Hill before the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives as well as the California state legislative bodies. She has served as an expert witness for U.S. House and Senate on the following issues:

* Regulatory control in the medical, dental and veterinary industries

* Animal Control: humane facilities, shelter medicine and compassion fatigue

* Livestock housing and farming methods: factory farming, bioterrorism and the epidemiology of zoonotic transfer

* Emerging infectious diseases: including H1N1 (swine flu) and H5N1 (bird flu)

The Kendrick Technical Services team includes a legal staff (which includes former Department of Justice and Trade attorneys and law school professors), an editorial staff (including former assistant managing editor of a major metropolitan newspaper) and a team of administrative professionals that keep Kendrick Technical Services relevant, up-to-date, and focused.

Dr. Kendrick strongly believes that training in regulatory compliance does not need to be hard or boring and encourages each student to find fun in the learning process.


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Open Enrollment

This course provides open enrollment. Students may enroll at any time and are instantly added to the course and sent the course welcome email. After reading the information provided in the welcome email, students may begin the course.

Upon submission of the final completion requirement the student will automatically be marked as completed and the course completion email will be sent out. The student will have immediate access to the certificate.



Price: $181.00

Course fee includes FREE access to the team training module for 4 months which will provide training documentation for every member of the practice team. Access information will be provided upon completion of this course.

Please note: This compliance set is designed for individual practices. If you have a corporate set up with a two or more locations, with practice teams at each location, please contact us at


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