Course Overview

The VetMedTeam Preparing for the VTNE: Instructor Based Option is based on the current structure of the VTNE. 15 modules address different aspects of technician education with topic specific study material, instructor graded study hall assignments, and a module specific examination. The study hall assignments are designed specifically to help participants organize and retain information.

In addition to the module content, study halls and exams, there are instructor graded case study assignments designed to help the student apply and combine core knowledge.

There are 4 full length practice examinations to provide additional preparation for sitting the actual exam. We recommend combining this review course with other methods of study for the best chance of success.

Enrollment Information: This session opens on May 1, 2015 and will end on August15, 2015. Students may enroll in this session at any time up to August 8, 2015 This will allow access for both the student that does best starting early as well as for those who prefer to shorten their study time to a few weeks before an exam. The course does not contain real time sessions. Students log in anytime while the course is in session.


Participant Access Parameters

Participants may enroll in this course after it has begun, up to the enrollment deadline date. Participants who enroll after the start date do not miss out on any components of the course.

There are no real time sessions.

The design of this course allows each participant to proceed based on individual schedule, as long as all assignments are submitted by the assignment submission deadline


Course Content

Preparing for the VTNE: Instructor Based Option provides an overall review of basic veterinary science and veterinary technology is presented through the course content. Via an overview of each relevant area , this course will help the student identify the areas most in need of personal review and study.


Course Focus and Learning Objectives

This Preparing for the VTNE: Instructor Based Option is appropriate for any member seeking to prepare for the Veterinary Technician National Examination. The amount of time a student spends utilizing the course content and features depends on the amount of study needed and the time remaining before the test date.

Please use this link to access the Learning Objectives for each of the modules within this review course.


Participant Feedback

...I liked the fact we were given assignments so it was not just simply looking at the documents and trying to remember them. It forced us to put them into practice therefore help drive them into our heads making it easier to recollect the information processed.

...The Pre-Test for each module really helped bring attention to where my focus needed to be on the reading assignments. I feel this was very helpful for me to recognize my known strengths and weaknesses before approaching the readings.

...The charts of gestation periods, normal values, etc. were very helpful to commit to memory

...As a mom of a toddler and a full time tech I could work on this course when I had the time

...The way that each modules reading assignment was outlined was very beneficial to me understanding the material. Also, the practice tests were very beneficial to me.

...The module notes were excellent along with the study aids. The assignments were helpful.

...I liked the critical thinking assignments and the case studies. They allowed me to use what I had studied for real work situations. I also like the sample Exam at the end of the study.

...I liked the critical thinking assignments and the case studies. They allowed me to use what I had studied for real work situations. I also like the sample Exam at the end of the study.


Course Materials

Review Questions & Answers for Veterinary Technicians, 4th Edition by Thomas P. Colville, DVM, MSc


Mosby's Comprehensive Review for Veterinary Technicians, 3rd Edition by Monica M. Tighe, RVT, BA, MEd and Marg Brown, RVT, BEd AD ED

Important Text Information:

It is mandatory that each participant has access to this textbook as the content of the book is not reproduced within the course. It is up to each person to determine the best way to acquire the text. Some will already have the text in their library and, therefore, will not need to purchase another copy. The text is available as a print publication and as an eBook. Where to purchase and in what format is totally up to the participant. The text is not included in the fee for this course.

USA residents: Elsevier texts, both print and eBook, are available via the VetMedTeam Elsevier Text Portal at discounts off regular retail of 25 - 35 %. If you would like to visit the portal to take advantage of the discount please use this link:

VetMedTeam's Elsevier Text Portal

Either option may be purchased via the VetMedTeam Elsevier Portal at a discount. However, where to purchase is totally at the discretion of the participant.


Course Completion Requirements

Preparing for the VTNE: Instructor Based Option contains assignments and examinations designed to help prepare for the VTNE. Each student must decide what parts of the course would be the most beneficial as they prepare. The focus of this course is not earning the completion certificate but in utilizing its features to help prepare. The parts of the course accessed, and the participation level, is up to each student. However, it is strongly recommended that each student participate in the Study Halls and not just the practice examinations, for the best possible outcome.

Upon fulfillment of all requirements, the student will receive a certificate of completion. Completion requirements are:

  • Examinations: There is an exam for each module. Students are required to receive an 80% or better on each exam. Students will be able to take the exam multiple times
  • Assignments: There are instructor graded Study Hall Forums within each module
  • Case Studies: There are instructor graded Case Study assignments
  • Cumulative Practice VTNE: 4 full length 150 question practice examinations are included; 2 must be completed with an 80% or better
  • Course Survey: Students are required to submit the course survey upon completion of the course

Incomplete Student Retake Fee:

Due to the artificially low price of this course as compared to other courses of the same length, the retake fee for this course is the same as for initial enrollment.


Course Authors

Modules have been written by:

Shirley Sandoval, BAS, LVT, VTS (LAIM)
Amy Johnson BS, AAS, CVT, RLATG
Joseph A. D’Abbraccio, DVM
Holly Nichole White, LVT - Vet Tech Instructor Vatterott College, Omaha, NE
Mary Ellen Goldberg BS, CVT, VMT, LAAS, SRA
Jeanne R. Perrone, CVT, VTS (Dentistry)
Heather Prendergast, RVT, CVPM
Catharine Larsen, DVM
Sue Miale, DVM
Brandy Tabor, BS, CVT, VTS (EEC)


Course Instructor

Raychel Follis, RVTRaychel Follis, RVT

Raychel was born, raised, and resides in Southern California. She graduated from the Mt. San Antonio College veterinary technician program and is working towards a BS in Marine Sciences. Raychel has worked in veterinary medicine for over 15 years, 10 of which has been in small animal emergency medicine. For several years, she worked as a relief technician which gave her the opportunity to experience many different practices and facilities ranging from general day hospitals to a surgical referral center to the spay and neuter clinic at the county shelter. Raychel always found herself returning to emergency medicine.

Raychel has a pretty busy home life as well. She is married and has two boys. She also has 2 cats (Curley and Hairball), and a 12 year old cross-eyed Pit Bull named Gunnar. Raychel’s hobby is "ponding", and taking up residence in the pond are 4 red-eared sliders: Ned, Ted, Zed, and Bob. They share the pond with several goldfish and koi, but Tank and Ed are in charge. In her spare time, she also runs a business for her husband which in turn has brought an appreciation and understanding of running a business.

Raychel believes that this is a great field to work in because you can learn new things everyday. She is looking forward to learning and sharing her experiences!


Upcoming Sessions

May 01, 2015 - Registration deadline is 11:00 PM Eastern August 08, 2015
September 01, 2015 - Registration deadline is 11:00 PM Eastern December 08, 2015


Open Enrollment

This course opens on January 3, 2015. Students may enroll in the course any time up to the enrollment deadline date. The course is designed specifically to allow enrollment while in session. Students who enroll after January 3, 2015 will have full access to all content and will not have missed out on any part of the course.



Price: $90.00

Incomplete Student Retake Fee:

Due to the artificially low price of this course compared to other courses of the same length, the retake fee for this course is the same as for initial enrollment.



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