Course Overview

Complete OSHA Training for the Practice Team:

Safety Officer Training - Practice Safety Manual - Team Training

When you see the letters O-S-H-A do you immediately get a cringe in your stomach? Do you dread trying to train your team on OSHA regs because you don’t understand it yourself? Are you fearful of getting fined because you are unclear on what OSHA requires? Is the concept of team training just overwhelming? If any of this sounds familiar, read on and know that you are not the only one.

Demystifying OSHA: Training for Managers and Safety Officers is designed to end the dread and start the love ... well ok - love may be a bit strong but "hey - I can do this" is not. OSHA is almost always considered to be confusing and overwhelming but it doesn't have to be. OSHA is a complicated topic, learning about OSHA does not need to be. This course is packed FULL of important and relevant information and resources to start getting you and your practice up to speed and compliant. Each module has assignments that will help guide you through completing your safety manual as well as bring a new level of awareness of safety issues to your practice. When the course is complete, you will have set up a large majority of your safety manual.

This course is not a copy of other OSHA offerings that just tells you that you need become compliant, but instead gives you the tools and guidance to "get it done." This course is a veterinary practice specific offering, written and instructed by Chery Kendrick, DVM, MPVM (zoonotics), ASCP, MLT, a leading expert in the field. Throughout the course, Dr. Kendrick will be available for questions or concerns that may arise and will help guide you through the process of creating your practice Safety Manual.

Required Team Training: As good as this course is, training the practice Safety Officer is only one part of the equation. Each member of your practice team must understand that OSHA compliance is their responsibility as well. Some will consider the best part of this offering the free Team Training Course. Yes - FREE!

After completion of this main course, an added bonus is the Demystifying OSHA: Team Training course, provided at no extra charge to completed Safety Officers and their practice. We have designed this additional course to train every member of your team and provide each with a proof of training certificate After the completion of both courses, you AND your team will be trained in OSHA and compliant with required annual training! Team members may enroll in this course for up to 12 months after the main course is completed by the Safety Officer.

Scheduling: Another special feature is the 24/7/365 availability. Enrollments in this course are accepted at any time. Each student has 8 weeks to complete the main Safety Officer portion.

Safety Manual: The course enrollment fee includes a customizable Safety Manual. The manual is provided as a download. The download link is provided within the course to enrolled students.

With the completed safety manual, practical assignments, a leading OSHA expert at your fingertips and complementary team training, this course is too valuable to pass up! There is no time better to start than now!


Practices or Corporations With Multiple Locations

For information on registration and pricing for practices with more than one location, please view Multi-Location Pricing.


Continuing Education Credits

Course meets the requirements for 20 RACE hours of continuing education credit for veterinary technicians and veterinarians in jurisdictions which recognize AAVSB's RACE approval. However, participants should be aware that some boards have limitations on the number of hours accepted in certain categories and/or restrictions on certain methods of delivery.

This course is applicable for 20 CE credits toward the continuing education requirement for the Certified Veterinary Practice Manager program offered by the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA).


Participation Access Parameters

This course runs continuously. Participants may enroll at any time. There are no real time sessions.

The design of this course allows each student to proceed based on individual schedule, as long as all assignments are submitted by the assignment submission deadline.

Each student's personal 8-week session will begin upon enrollment.


Course Content

Demystifying OSHA: Training for Managers and Safety Officers is designed specifically for training of the designated Safety Officer in a veterinary clinic or other animal care facility. The participant will review OSHA terminology, perform a workplace hazard assessment, develop an emergency action plan specific to their practice environment, learn what to do and what to expect in the event of an OSHA inspection, and more.

This course addresses the switchover to the Globally Harmonized System of Labeling and the conversion from MSDS to SDS.

At the completion of this course, each participant will have the majority of their Safety Manual completed and customized for their veterinary practice. In addition, the entire team may then enroll in the Team Training Course at no additional charge.

Please note: Access to the Team Training component is provided, at no additional cost, upon successful completion of this main course.


Course Focus and Learning Objectives

This course is appropriate for any veterinary practice team member who will be assuming the responsibilities of the OSHA Safety Officer or who wish to know more about this area of practice safety and compliance. It is designed for a participant who has no training in OSHA or one who needs to refresh their training and who needs to work on the practice's safety manual.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Define OSHA and compliance requirements
  • Prepare the team for OSHA inspections
  • Describe what is expected before, during, and after an inspection
  • Build and implement the Safety Manual specific for their practice
  • Perform a thorough Workplace and PPE Hazard Assessment for their practice
  • Implement an Emergency Action Plan specific to their practice and patients
  • Organize and update the SDS binders
  • Complete required OSHA forms
  • Organize a safety team and maintain OSHA maintenance schedule


Participant Feedback

...Having the safety manual was a huge help to have as a base to work off of. Although it was a tedious task, I found it very beneficial to have the hazard assessment as an assignment. It forced me to be thorough and to complete it in a timely manner.

...I found planning an escape route was a great part of the course as the animals are our concern and would not like to think in the confusion of an ER any would be left behind. I also found the information about the inspections and what to do incase of a surprise inspection very useful. With this course I am confident we will pass.

Everything was explained well. It was very helpful to have the assignments be something that has to be put in the safety manual. I like have everything was broken up into easy to handle sections so nothing got too overwhelming

...I liked the following: 1) step by step approach. 2) self paced. Could stop in middle of section and then finish it a few days later. 3) current, practical information. Therefore, immediately useful. 4) help accessible if needed

...I thought the modules were well thought out and organized. I felt completing each module one at a time helped me understand OSHA better than I have in the past. Overall, I was very please with this course and would recommend it to others who need to complete OSHA training.

...The assignments were the most helpful in my learning. I was also very nice that the assignments helped me develop my hospital's own OSHA manual.

...All the parts that helped us fill out sections of our OSHA manual. Completing the manual seems overwhelming, but as the course helps to do, a little at a time, it does get done with thoroughness.


Required Materials

"OSHA Safety Manual", Kendrick Technical Services, LLC.

A fully completed and personalized Safety Manual is required for compliance. This course is designed to help each student prepare the practice's manual so that at the end of the course almost all the work has been completed.

The E-manual is offered to students of this course at a substantial discount vs the standard retail price. The cost of the manual is included in the course fee - no additional material payments are required. A link to download the manual is provided within the course to enrolled students.


Course Completion Requirements

Students are required to submit numerous assignments designed to immediately apply the course to everyday practice through the creation of the Safety Manual. In addition, participants must receive a grade of 80% or higher on the examination.

Upon fulfillment of the course requirements, the student will receive a VetMedTeam certificate of completion that will document the RACE and VHMA credits earned.


Course Author

Chery Kendrick, DVM, MPVM, MLT, ASCP, CFS


Course Instructor

Chery Kendrick, DVM, MPVM, MLT, ASCP, CFSChery Kendrick, DVM, MPVM, MLT, ASCP, CFS

Dr. Chery F. Kendrick is the president and owner of Kendrick Technical Services, LLC, providing regulatory consulting and materials development for the veterinary practice. She earned her DVM at the University of California-Davis and also graduated from the California State University-Sacramento.

Her experience in the veterinary laboratory - clinical setting and research environment - and her knowledge as an epidemiologist in specialty zoonotic diseases, and her years of experience as a medical technologist, combined with her years in a mixed animal practice, come through in her understanding of the various realms of veterinary services. She is dedicated to simplifying life for the busy practitioner, and that is reflected throughout her manuals as well as through her various training programs, newsletters and articles.

Dr. Kendrick speaks and teaches at conferences, seminars and veterinary association meetings. Her specialty in zoonotic diseases has made her a sought-after speaker and consultant. Her nationwide on-site regulatory consulting services include the development and setup of OSHA Safety programs and DEA, EPA, FDA and FTC program compliance in the clinic, as well as employee training and update services. Dr. Kendrick writes the only monthly regulatory newsletter specifically for the veterinary practice written by a veterinarian: OSHA Tidings.

Dr. Kendrick joined VetMedTeam as a course writer and instructor in 2007 in order to provide online training for the veterinary community.

She is the past president and co-founder/owner of Medical/Legal Information Services (MLIS) in California and trained judges and lawyers on regulatory issues, clinical laboratory medicine, DNA as evidence, epidemiology and veterinary medicine. She is an active member of American Association of Clinical Laboratory Research Professionals and a CHE partner (Collaborative on Health and the Environment).

Dr. Kendrick remains actively involved in regulatory issues at the federal and state levels, maintaining an active presence as a voice and advocate for the profession. Dr. Kendrick has testified on Capitol Hill before the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives as well as the California state legislative bodies. She has served as an expert witness for U.S. House and Senate on the following issues:

* Regulatory control in the medical, dental and veterinary industries

* Animal Control: humane facilities, shelter medicine and compassion fatigue

* Livestock housing and farming methods: factory farming, bioterrorism and the epidemiology of zoonotic transfer

* Emerging infectious diseases: including H1N1 (swine flu) and H5N1 (bird flu)

The Kendrick Technical Services team includes a legal staff (which includes former Department of Justice and Trade attorneys and law school professors), an editorial staff (including former assistant managing editor of a major metropolitan newspaper) and a team of administrative professionals that keep Kendrick Technical Services relevant, up-to-date, and focused.

Dr. Kendrick strongly believes that training in regulatory compliance does not need to be hard or boring and encourages each student to find fun in the learning process.



Price: $474.00

The fee for this course includes the Safety Officer training course, the customizable Safety Manual and the individualized team training component - upon completion of this course information will be provided which outlines the team enrollment process.

Multi-Practice Enrollments: This course has been designed and priced to cover the training needs of a single location practice. If you need training for a multi-location practice, please contact us a



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