Course Overview

Tools to Grow a Healthy, Profitable Practice demonstrates that each team member is an extremely valuable component. This is especially important when delivering exceptional patient care and client service is at stake. Each member of the practice team has a very different role and perspective. Finding ways to build your teams strengths will increase efficiency and productivity. These two items are crucial ingredients in determining practice profitability. Our goal is to strengthen your team through developing the relationships and understanding you have in your hospital. Regardless of your position on your team, this course will explain the importance of different roles in the veterinary hospital and give you tools to start bridging any gaps. By leveraging the support team and providing motivation to grow and through efficient scheduling, your practice will learn ways to lead your team to success.

Many practices are not aware of the tools available via the NCVEI. The purpose of this course is to increase awareness of these free tools. The National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues (NCVEI) is a non-profit organization formed in 2000 by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Animal Hospital Association and the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges in order to ensure the economic future of veterinary medicine. It is almost impossible to offer good quality patient care unless the practice is financially successful. After learning about how to easily navigate the NCVEI, the student will learn about and be exposed to these highly beneficial NCVEI tools, again reinforcing the importance of the first modules throughout the selected tools. The students will see firsthand how these NCVEI tools can directly benefit their practice. It has been proven that practices that invest in their team and track their financial progress are much more profitable and successful than those that do not.

PLEASE NOTE: This course contains flash based Articulate presentations. iPhones and iPads are not natively flash compatible but if a flash compatible browser has been installed on the iPad the presentations will play correctly. This link Flash on iPads provides information on flash compatible browsers. The presentations may also be viewed on a Mac.


Continuing Education Credits

This course is applicable for 2 CE credits toward the continuing education requirement for the Certified Veterinary Practice Manager program offered by the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA).


Participation Access Parameters

VetMedTeam courses are asynchronous - they do not contain real time components. Students log in at times convenient to personal schedules.

This course provides open enrollment. Students may enroll at any time and are instantly added to the course and sent the course welcome email. After reading the information provided in the welcome email, students may begin the course.

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Course Focus and Learning Objectives

This course is appropriate for all members of the veterinary practice team. However, it may be of most interest to practice owners and managers.

Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of all members of the veterinary team
  • Identify ways to increase productivity and efficiency, through better scheduling and staff ratios
  • Discover methods to improve new employee attraction and hiring process (this equates to increased efficiency and productivity)
  • Acquire hands on interaction with new tools through NCVEI that can help the practice grow
  • List the many resources NCVEI has to offer any team member
  • Utilize tips to make the trip through the NVCEI easier



...Audio and attachments were great.

...The formulas.

...Provided information for me to give to my manager.

...Providing the staffing formulas was very useful, as well as the information on the NCVEI site.

...nice to see what each members goals were.

...All of it was beneficial.

...helpful to me as a receptionist.

...Attachments to use in the practice, especially employee orientation information were helpful.

...The introduction to NCVEI. This is a tool that we will definiately use.


Course Completion Requirements

  • Examination: Students must pass the examination with a score of 80% or better

  • Course Survey: Students must submit the course survey

Students who do not access the course for 30 consecutive days will be processed as incomplete.


Course Author

Karen E. Felsted, CPA, MS, DVM, CVPM - Chief Executive Officer NCVEI



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Students who do not access the course for 30 consecutive days will be processed as incomplete.