VetMedTeam Veterinary Assistant Program

The Enrollment Process and Pricing Details

Program Enrollment Steps (for all students):

Step #1: Start an "Intent to Enroll" email. Include your name in the subject line. It must be sent to

Step #2: In the email, outline a bit about yourself and why you want to enroll. For example, are you curently employed at a practice or is employment a goal? Do you have any prior training or experience? What are your long term goals?

Step #3: Download the
Student Agreement document. Complete and sign the document and then scan it as a PDF. Note: Computerized signatures are not accepted; the document must be hand signed. Attach it to the email.

Step #4: If you are planning to pay in installments, attach the
Payment Plan Agreement
document to the email as well.

VetMedTeam Membership Profile Submission:

If you are not already a practice employee, please do not attempt to submit a VetMedTeam membership profile . You will be instructed when to do so with specific information regarding what you need to enter in form fields.

Program Pricing:

Payment in Full: If you are planning on paying the full fee upon enrollment, nothing additional needs to be added to your Intent email.

Payment by Installments: Follow the directions in Step #4 above.