VetMedTeam Veterinary Assistant Program

Submitting Your Intent to Enroll

VetMedTeam Membership Profile Submission:

If you are not a practice employee with an existing VetMedTeam profile, please do not attempt to submit a VetMedTeam membership profile . You will be instructed when to do so with specific information regarding what you need to enter in form fields.

Submitting Your "Intent to Enroll":

Step #1: Start an email with your full name and the words "Intent to Enroll" in the subject line.

Step #2: In the email, outline a bit about yourself and why you want to enroll. For example, are you currently employed at a practice or is employment a goal? Do you have any prior training or experience? What are your long term goals?

Step #3: Please indicate how/where you learned about the VetMedTeam VA Program.

Step #4: Download the
Student Agreement document. Complete and sign the document and then scan it as a PDF (image files not accepted). Note: Computerized signatures are not accepted; the document must be hand signed. Attach it to the email. Do not send a link to a document stored online.

What Payment Option Have You Chosen?

If you are planning to pay in full please state that in your Intent email. No additional attachments are required.

If you are planning to pay in installments, attach either the
3-Payment Plan Agreement or the Extended Payment Plan document to the email as well.

Finalizing Your Email:

Sign your email. Send the email to
. Please allow 48 hours for a response.