Course Overview

Introduction to Veterinary Assisting is a 27-week course that provides basic training in the responsibilities of the veterinary assistant. This course may be taken by someone who is seeking introductory level training in order to find employment as well as someone who is already employed.

This course does not contain a practical externship component therefore it is not NAVTA approved, nor do graduates qualify to take the Approved Veterinary Assistant designation examination. However, the content of this course utilizes the same materials and assignments as the online portion of the NAVTA approved version and therefore provides a quality educational experience.

This course was developed because VetMedTeam recognizes that some people will not be able to participant in the externship requirement of the VetMedTeam Veterinary Assistant Program: Externship Option.

If you would like to review all the veterinary assistant training options available on VetMedTeam please use this link VetMedTeam Veterinary Assistant Training Options.

Sections of this page provide more in-depth information regarding the program and its features and benefits. If you have any questions about the course after reviewing this page please do not hesitate to let us know via an email to


Course Focus

The Introduction to Veterinary Assisting course is designed to provide basic training in the job responsibilities of the veterinary assistant.

VetMedTeam does not provide job placement services nor is completion of this course a guarantee of future employment. This course does not articulate for college credit at veterinary technology programs.


Course Content

The VetMedTeam Introduction to Veterinary Assisting course explores every area of the veterinary practice, from the reception desk to the surgical suite. Each module examines a different topic which will help to provide well-rounded training.

This course will require a serious time commitment from the participant. It is an in-depth learning experience.


Technology Requirements

Participants must have access to a printer and a scanner in order to complete mandatory requirements. The scanner must be capable of saving documents to pdf format as jpg image files cannot be used.


Participation Access Parameters

This course runs continuously. Participants may enroll at any time.

The design of this course allows each student to proceed based on individual schedule, as long as all assignments are submitted by the assignment submission deadline. There are no real time sessions so participants are not required to be online attending lectures at specific times.

Each student's personal 27 week session will begin after the enrollment process has been completed. The course may be completed sooner if the student's time allows.


Required Course Textbook

Elsevier's Veterinary Assisting Textbook, 2nd edition by: Margi Sirois, EdD, MS, RVT, LAT

Important Text Information:

It is mandatory that each participant has access to this textbook as the content of the book is not reproduced within the course. It is up to each person to determine the best way to acquire the text. Some will already have the text in their library and therefore will not need to purchase another copy. The text is available as a print publication and as an eBook. Where to purchase and in what format is totally up to the participant.

The text is not included in the fee for this course.

USA residents: Elsevier texts, both print and eBook, are available via the VetMedTeam Elsevier Text Portal at discounts off regular retail of 25 - 35 %. If you would like to visit the portal to take advantage of the discount please use this link VetMedTeam's Elsevier Text Portal.

Important: Regardless of which option the participant chooses, access to a copy of the textbook is mandatory. The matching workbook is not required. Without the text the student will not be able to complete the assignments, case studies and examinations.

VetMedTeam has no control over shipping delays and other related problems.


Participant Feedback

...It was most beneficial that I could download references and presentations for me to study at my own leisure.

...The instructors were very helpful and responded in a timely manner whenever I had questions.

...I enjoyed the additional assigned courses.

...The information on various parasites, restraints, and medicines are all things I use in my job daily so learning more about them was helpful.

...All of it was beneficial as I didn't have any veterinary knowledge beforehand, other than personal pets.

...I enjoyed being able to go back and look over my answer when done an exam but I really liked they didn't give me the answer. I want to go and look for the answer so I learn it, correctly. THANK YOU AGAIN and all the best!!!

...The book was a great choice and I found it very relevant to the job as a vet assistant. It is definitely something I will keep to look at for reference in the future.

...It was most beneficial that I could download references and presentations for me to study at my own leisure. The instructors were very helpful and responded in a timely manner whenever I had questions.


Course Instructor

Linda Merrill, LVT, VTS (SAIM), VTS (AVTCP)Linda Merrill, LVT, VTS (SAIM), VTS (AVTCP)

Linda received her AS degree in veterinary technology and an AA degree, both from Pierce College in Washington State. She has worked in specialty practice (cardio-pulmonary and oncology) and is currently working in a small animal practice. She is an author and editor, her most recent work is as an author for the Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

Linda is the former President of the Washington State Association of Veterinary Technicians and former President of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians of America (NAVTA). Linda has achieved two Veterinary Technician Specialists credentials. Her first is the Academy of Internal Medicine for Veterinary Technicians (AIMVT), she was the Founding Chair and is the current Executive Director. Her second specialty is a Canine & Feline Veterinary Technician Specialist in Clinical Practice (AVTCP).

In her spare time, Linda is an avid scuba diver and has traveled the 7 continents. Her husband, Jeff, is employed in the Alaskan seafood industry. They enjoy the company of their rescue cat, an adorable but clueless Persian named "The Cat Formerly Known as Philbert." Her household is also the home to 2 rescue dogs. Linda loves Corgis and currently has the sweetest boys named Bill and Jake.


Pricing and Enrollment

Price: $576.00

The first step in the enrollment process is to download the Student Agreement. Read, sign, date, and scan as a PDF (no image files accepted). Email the signed agreement to In the email please provide your full name and a bit about yourself and your reason for wishing to enroll in the Program.

Once the Student Agreement submission email has been received and approved you will be sent the enrollment link.